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Welcome to Mithson Sealing Solutions

Let's Control the Pressure Together

Harness our innovative thinking and a quarter century experience in polymer engineering for various industries





Engineering Plans

Who We Are

Mithson Sealing Solutions – a subsidiary of FCS Fluoro Carbon Seals Group, is a manufacturer  of Seals and Polymer components for Valves, Pumps and Hydraulics applications that best meet customer needs and wants, and provide both before and after sales service to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


We are one of the leaders in polymer engineering technology with over 25 years of historical legacy, manufacturing high performing polymer components for the Oil & Gas, Automotive, Life Science, Mining, Aerospace and beyond.

We are evolved with an engineering mindset and dedicated to the engineering design and manufacturing state-of-the-art reliable and durable precision sealing solutions that protect highly critical applications in the high stress environments.

We have an extensive experience in handling advanced materials – from Elastomers to advanced Fluoropolymers and Thermoplastics.


We are a trusted partner, easily approachable, very responsive, providing high performance , cost-effective solutions on-time and to your specification, around the world.


Our Motto

Our vision is to be recognized as a global leader in

Polymer engineering Technology

through commitment to

Quality , Reliability & Customer Satisfaction

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FCS Fluoro Carbon Seals Pvt Ltd was founded in the year 1996 at Chennai, the gateway of South India. The journey started in manufacturing components of PTFE (TEFLON) material. FCS has a splendid history in manufacturing the Seals globally for more than a quarter century.

The company enjoys the distinction of being a preferred brand for sealing solutions for Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems, Valves & Pumps industries. We  have been at the forefront and pioneering in the design and manufacturing of custom PTFE(Teflon), RTFE, Modified PTFE(TFM & NXT), VICTREX® PEEK, VESPEL, PFA, Nylon, MOS2 Devlon, HNBR, (VITON) FKM, FFKM, EPDM, DELRIN (POM), PU and other advanced polymers components since its establishment.​

It has developed various standard technologies for sealing solutions which has enabled us to deliver our outcomes with excellence in customer satisfaction. It is certified with ISO 9001:2015.

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