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Oil derrick


The major challenges in Oil & Gas Industry is to meet the complex regulator standards. It is highly cumbersome to work in High Pressure High Temperature(HPHT) environments; the risk of fire increases.  So there are significant sealing challenges which risk damaging the environment. 

We provide reliable and durable customized solutions such as polymer spring-energized seals and Valve Stem packing seals address the ever-increasing needs of various critical and extreme applications where failure is not an option.

X-Mas Tree Well Head 3.JPG

Christmas Tree Well Head - Seals Family

We offer a full range of sealing solutions such as Spring Energized Lip Seals, Stem Packing, Seat seals and O-Rings which are made from high performing polymer materials for Christmas Tree valve applications.

These sealing components will be supplied to meet API 6A (Appendix F) certified and come up with highest quality standards.

Christmas Tree Well Head - Seals Family

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